Happy children


Welcome to the Santa Rosa Junior College Children’s Center.  The Children’s Center is located in the Robert Call Child Development Center on the south side of campus, behind the Armory. There are seven classrooms: Rose Infant room (6-18 months); Rose, Sage & Heather toddler rooms (18 - 42 months old); Blue, Teal and Raspberry preschools (3 - 5 years). Each classroom may be viewed from an adjacent observation room.


  1. You will receive the current pass code for the observation rooms (the blue solid color doors with keypads) from your instructor.  REMEMBER THE CODE.  THE CODE WILL NOT BE GIVEN EXCEPT THROUGH YOUR INSTRUCTOR WHO CAN VERIFY YOUR CURRENT ENROLLMENT. Additionally, you must have your student ID card with the sticker issued by your instructor.


  1. The best time to observe is on Monday – Friday 8:30am – 12:15pm. The Observation Rooms are closed from 12:30 – 2:30pm.  You DO NOT need to schedule an appointment to come and do your observation(s).  Each toddler room takes a weekly walk. Please check the bulletin board in the observation room for scheduled day.


  1. ALL visitors/observers MUST sign in each time they enter an Observation Room.  A binder with the sign-in sheets is kept on the counter in each Observation Room.


  1. A photo of each child (first name plus quarter & year born) is posted in the observation room.  Additional information will not be provided and is kept confidential.  What you observe here is to remain confidential. Discussions regarding the children and teachers should occur only in your classroom with your instructor.


  1. Cell phone, tablet, iPod, and laptop use is prohibited in the observation rooms, in the classroom, and in the play yards. No photographs and No videos may be taken in the center or observation rooms.  No exceptions!


  1. Enter and exit the observation room quietly. Limit conversation. If it is necessary to talk, please use a quiet voice, preferably a whisper. Leave the lights off. Do not tap on the windows. Do not smoke, eat or drink in the center.  Instructions for the operation of the microphone system are posted.


  1. All indoor observations must be made from the observation room.  For outdoor observations, put on an observer tag, located in the observation room. Enter the play yard through the classroom and sit on low chairs/benches. Return observer tag to observation room when you leave. Do not talk to or interact with the children or staff.  Do not leave your backpack or belongings unattended.  Children may come upon inappropriate or unsafe items.


  1. While you are observing downstairs, you are under the supervision of the Children’s Center staff, and you must comply with their instructions or directions.


Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the lowering of a grade and/or being dropped from the class.